Our range of services also includes accounting management.

The company provides the following services in the field of single-entry and double-entry accounting:

•   Establishment of accounting entities

•   Processing of cash journal

•   Processing of cash book

•   Maintenance of accounting records

•   Processing of accounts receivable and accounts payable, or ledger balances

•   Maintenance of records for long-term tangible and intangible assets

•   Recording and processing of value-added tax

•   Preparation of Cash Flow Statements

•   Calculation of deferred tax

•   Preparation of financial statements, including tax returns

In collaboration with an external payroll office, we can also provide comprehensive services in the payroll area, including:

•   Preparation of payroll records

•   Employee certificates

•   Certificates for insurance companies

•   Processing of monthly reports

•   Preparation of payroll lists

•   Year-end tax settlements

We offer accounting management services at the client's premises upon request, providing monthly financial indicators in the form of customized reports as desired by the clients. Upon request, we can also perform accounting reconstruction.