About Us

Johanes & Partner s.r.o. is a Slovak consulting and auditing company. The company's executive has been working in the field of auditing and consulting since 2005. We conduct independent statutory audits according to international auditing and assurance standards and in compliance with the ethical code. We are the holder of license number 405 issued by the Office for Audit Oversight, allowing us to perform statutory audits. We provide comprehensive services, including tax consulting in collaboration with established tax advisory firms. Additionally, we collaborate on a project basis with the law firm Okenica & Co. s. r. o.

In 2023, our company underwent a comprehensive rebranding, resulting in the creation of a new logo. It features a hawk, which best represents our qualities and abilities. The hawk escapes the attention of others through its discreet approach to its work. It is known for its sharp vision, enabling it to focus on even the smallest details. The hawk is renowned for its typical thorough preparation for its hunts. It works in a team, and though it may be a rather shy predator, it leaves behind intriguing results. The hawk is a natural strategist and aerial acrobat.

Our company's main activities include:

•   Providing auditing services

•   Conducting forensic audits

•   Managing accounting

•   Offering economic and accounting consultancy

•   Providing professional training for clients

The aim of our company is to:

•   Deliver high-quality professional services tailored to our clients' specific needs

•   Ensure a high level of expertise through continuous education

•   Build and strengthen a partnership with clients based on trust and long-term cooperation

•   Strictly adhere to fundamental ethical principles.